Over 15 Years of Family Law Experience
    "Very Personable & Approachable!"
    Not your typical attorney, very personable and approachable…does not intimidate you with her knowledge and experience…
    - Kelly G.
    "Professional, Knowledgeable & Compassionate"
    From the beginning, I was treated (by Annette Heim) with a combination of professionalism, knowledge and compassion.
    - Vira B.
    "She's the one you want fighting for you!"
    The professionalism and dedication we received from Annette was outstanding. We would recommend her because of her strong convictions and honesty of how she represented us throughout our legal process.
    - Tonya G.
    "Calm Demeanor & Professional"
    I was represented by Annette Heim during a very trying divorce and I have to admit that her calm demeanor and professional approach really helped me to understand the legal process.
    - Marvin O.
    "Forever Grateful!"
    I never once felt like I was anything other than a top priority, and I am forever grateful for her guidance through a very stressful time.
    - Jake G.
    "Friendly & Upfront!"
    I have never met with a lawyer as friendly upfront and amazing as Annette. Very quick.to reply back. they do everything in their power to help and they go far and beyond. I would highly recommend them.
    - Sarah S.
    "Very Honest Legal Team!"
    Annette and team they are so kind and she will listen to you and just be honest with you. We highly recommend her services.
    - Kaleigh R.
    "Proud To Know Her!"
    Annette is a personal friend and once was my attorney. I am proud to know her.
    - Richard G.
    "I highly recommend her!"
    Annette is wonderful and doesn't RIP you off. I highly recommend her!!!
    - Dennis
    "Cost Effective & Professional"
    Excellent service! Highly recommend Annette Heim. Cost effective without compromising professionalism and service.
    - Former Client
    "One of the Best!"
    One of the best law firms in North Carolina they continue to amaze me.
    - Rick C.
    "Excellent Service!"
    Her service is excellent! We will definitely use her family services everytime!
    - C. R.
    "Gave Me the Best Guidance!"
    She really helped me through everything. She was always right on top of the situation, and gave me the best guidance.
    - James M.
    "Annette is the best!"
    Annette's humility and kindness will stay with me forever as she helped me with the complexities that children, husbands and wives must untangle to find peaceful resolutions.
    - Rick
    "Recommend 110%."
    Annette and her staff helped me when I needed it most. They listened to me, formulated a simple plan, accomplished it and got me even more than I had hoped for.
    - Pete H.
    "She fights for you!"
    Annette has represented us for over 12 yrs. She has a quality of class that you can't find in lawyers today. It's not about the money it's about the people she represents.
    - Gene G.
    "Annette is definitely the one you want to hire."
    During these situations, passions can run high. The best thing to do is to keep your head in the game and focus on the best interests of the child/children. Annette is the one that will help you stay focused on the facts, the case, and your goal.
    - Kelly F.
    "I would recommend Annette Heim!"
    Annette Heim came in my life exactly when I needed her. She helped me through the most challenging times of my life.
    - Daisy T.
    "Annette is a Go-Getter!"
    Integrity and a considerable amount of ability I would highly recommend using Annette Heim to represent your family and the interests of the family. She represented me when I needed her Professional Integrity and someone to represent me.
    - Ned F.