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Parents' Rights in Concord, NC

When facing family law issues, parents are often uninformed as to their legal rights and how judges decide these issues in court. When this is the case, parents may not understand how pursue their best interests in court resulting in decisions they feel are unfair, unjust, or inappropriate. That is why it is critical that, if you are facing any type of legal issue in regard to your child(ren), you should seek the guidance and representation of a proven family law attorney. 

At The Law Offices of Annette R. Heim, P.A., you will find a legal team devoted primarily to North Carolina divorce and family law. Our attorney is backed by well over a decade of experience in this practice field. Our firm prioritizes healthy resolutions for the often-divisive issues that can arise in parental rights cases. No matter how embattled you may be with your issue, we have the legal tools, methods, and skills to help you find an acceptable resolution, even in the most contentious matters, such as high-conflict custody cases.  

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Parental Rights in Family Law Cases

Your rights as a parent may need to be sought through the courts in various issues, such as:

  • Child custody and parenting plans. You may need help establishing your rights in a pending or post-divorce situation, such as when seeking a modification or enforcement of a custody order. 
  • Paternity. As an unmarried mother or father, you may need to establish paternity to win child support or joint custody of your child.
  • Child support. This issue must be resolved in any divorce or between unmarried parents. You may also need to seek a modification or enforcement of a support order. 
  • Relocation. As the relocating parent, you may need to seek this move to better your life and that of your child(ren). However, you will have the burden of proof in showing that a relocation is in your child’s best interests. As the non-moving parent, you may believe that your parental rights will be harmed by such a move and will need assistance in representing your case.

As a general rule, courts do not favor mothers over fathers when deciding custody and parenting plans. Both parents have equal rights when seeking physical and legal custody. In some cases, either parent may feel they do not receive favorable treatment when putting into practice daily or weekly custody/parenting plans, especially in hostile situations. As a result, this will call for court action in seeking an enforcement of a parenting plan or custody order by the judge.

Unmarried parents often must go through the courts to win enforceable custody or support orders. An unmarried mother may seek court action to establish the parenthood of the child’s biological father in order to be awarded child support. An unmarried father who wishes to be part of his child’s life may also establish his paternity through the courts to gain joint custody of his child.

Stepparent Adoptions & Name Changes

The Law Offices of Annette R. Heim, P.A. also assists individuals with name changes and families with stepparent adoptions. Stepparent adoptions can be arranged through the courts after the biological parent and the stepparent have been married for at least six months. The child’s other biological parent must agree to having his or her parental rights to the child terminated for the adoption to be allowed. 

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