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Child custody is often one of the most contentious and emotionally charged issues in a North Carolina divorce. This is especially true for couples with personal issues that make for a difficult divorce. Having the steady guidance of an experienced divorce attorney can be invaluable in all cases where you and your spouse must decide custody through negotiation, mediation, or by a family law judge.

At The Law Offices of Annette R. Heim, P.A., you can work through your custody case with the experienced guidance of our dedicated attorney. We will provide the counsel you need to understand how custody works, what North Carolina law says, and how the law and courts may impact your case. Throughout it all, we will give you the legal support you need as we pursue a healthy and favorable resolution, whether through reaching an agreement outside of the court or advocating on your behalf before the judge who will determine the matter.

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Understanding Child Custody Laws in North Carolina

Child custody decisions in North Carolina are made with the utmost consideration of the child's best interests. The court's primary goal is to create a custody arrangement that promotes the child's well-being and ensures their safety and happiness. When parents can't agree on custody arrangements, the court determines the best outcome. Several factors influence child custody decisions in North Carolina, including:

  • Child's Age and Developmental Needs: The child's age and developmental stage are crucial factors the court considers. Younger children may require more care and support, while older children may have their preferences taken into account.
  • Parent-Child Relationship: The court assesses the parent-child relationship, considering each parent's involvement in the child's life, including responsibilities such as feeding, dressing, nurturing, and attending school events.
  • Each Parent's Moral Character: The court considers the moral character of each parent, including any history of abuse, neglect, substance abuse, or criminal activity. This factor is essential in determining the child's safety.
  • Stability and Continuity: Courts favor maintaining stability in the child's life. If one parent has been the primary caregiver and disrupts the child's life, it can impact custody decisions.
  • Cooperation Between Parents: The court looks at the willingness of each parent to encourage a healthy relationship between the child and the other parent. Co-parenting and the ability to communicate effectively are highly valued.
  • Child's Preference: The court may consider the child's preference if they are of a suitable age and maturity level to express it. This preference is not binding but is taken into account.
  • Domestic Violence or Abuse: Any history of domestic violence or abuse can significantly impact custody decisions. The court prioritizes the child's safety and may restrict or deny custody to an abusive parent.

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    At our firm, we uphold the highest standards of honesty, wisdom, and integrity. We understand the importance of trust in attorney-client relationships, especially in sensitive family matters. Attorney Annette R. Heim is dedicated to providing transparent and honest communication, guiding you with wisdom gained through experience, and upholding the integrity of the legal profession. You can rely on us to handle your case with professionalism, honesty, and a steadfast commitment to your best interests.
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    We recognize that every family case is distinct, shaped by its unique individuals and circumstances. Our firm is committed to developing customized legal strategies tailored to your specific goals and challenges. By understanding your unique situation, we can provide effective and personalized legal solutions to protect your rights and the well-being of your loved ones.
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    Attorney Annette R. Heim and her firm understand the emotional and financial challenges that accompany family law disputes. We are dedicated to providing compassionate and empathetic guidance, helping you navigate through the complexities of divorce, custody battles, and domestic violence cases.

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What Makes a Parent Unfit?

The court may deem a parent unfit in child custody cases if evidence supports this claim. While each case is unique, there are common factors that can lead to a parent being considered unfit, including:

  • Substance Abuse: If a parent has a history of substance abuse, especially if it negatively affects the child, it can lead to unfitness.
  • Domestic Violence: A history of domestic violence or child abuse can render a parent unfit. The court prioritizes the safety of the child above all else.
  • Neglect: Consistent neglect of a child's physical, emotional, or educational needs can result in a finding of unfitness.
  • Mental Health Issues: Severe mental health problems that affect a parent's ability to care for the child can be a factor in determining unfitness.
  • Criminal Behavior: A parent's history of criminal activity, especially if it threatens the child's safety, can lead to a finding of unfitness.

It is important to note that the court will carefully consider all evidence and weigh it against the child's best interests. The goal is not to unfairly label a parent as unfit but to ensure that the child is placed in a safe and nurturing environment.

Best Interests and Welfare of the Child 

The courts must base child custody agreements on what is in the best interests and welfare of the child. Courts will look at many factors to determine this; those factors that are relevant to the individual circumstances of each case will be used. 

These factors can include but are not limited to:

  • The child’s relationship with each parent
  • The ability of each parent to provide a stable environment for the child 
  • The physical and emotional health of each parent
  • The child’s ties to siblings, extended family members, school, and community
  • The willingness of parents to encourage the child’s relationship with the other parent
  • Whether domestic violence or abuse has occurred on the part of a parent

At The Law Offices of Annette R. Heim, P.A., we will use all available tools and legal avenues to help you obtain the best possible result in your child custody issue.