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Annette Heim

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  • Practice FAMILY LAW
    Separation, Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Property Division and Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
    Breach of Contract, Business Litigation, Debt Collection/Defense, Property Disputes, and Alienation of Affection/Criminal Conversation
    Simple Wills and Business Contracts
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Hello! I'm Annette Heim. Since starting my practice, I have had some wonderful experiences practicing law in North Carolina, such as getting to practice in many different courthouses, traveling to other states, working for some awesome clients, working with some great lawyers, and making some amazing friends.

Over the last ten+ years, my practice has been concentrated on domestic law and civil litigation.

In 2008, I relocated my practice from Charlotte to Concord. The majority of my practice is now in Cabarrus County, but I have a fair share of cases in Mecklenburg, Rowan and Stanly counties.


  • I was represented by Annette Heim during a very trying divorce and I have to admit that her calm demeanor and professional approach really helped me to understand the legal process.  She was not fazed by opposing counsel reputation of hostile actions.   She made sure that I complied with all of the courts requirements and always defended my best interest while making sure my objections were supported by legal precedents.  While no one wins in a divorce, Attorney Heim’s professional approach and knowledge of the legal issues resulted in the best defense that I could have hope for and she protected my long term interest and helped to ensure that I am still able to achieve my long-term goal. I would highly recommend Annette Heim.

    Marvin O.
  • I am extremely satisfied with the help from Annette Heim.  I felt at ease by her professional, logical, and down to earth approach to my case.  I never once felt like I was anything other than a top priority, and I am forever grateful for her guidance through a very stressful time. Thank you so much Annette!!

    Jake G.
  • Not your typical attorney, very personable and approachable…does not intimidate you with her knowledge and experience… a realist in the sense she always discussed with you both sides of the argument so you would not be surprised of any outcome. Annette is very comfortable in the courtroom and was always prepared for the unexpected.

    Kelly G.
  • From the beginning, I was treated (by Annette Heim) with a combination of professionalism, knowledge and compassion.

    Vira B.
  • The professionalism and dedication we received from Annette was outstanding. We would recommend her because of her strong convictions and honesty of how she represented us throughout our legal process. Annette is the kind of person you want fighting for you.

    Tonya G.


Family Law

When it comes to Family Law cases, my goal is to work hard and efficiently to get my client in and out of the legal system as quickly as possible, all while realizing their goals or coming as close to their goals as is realistically possible. I emphasize having a good support system and good self-care, because I realize that when a client comes to see me for family legal situations that it might be one of the most emotional times in their life. However, after years of experience, I can honestly say that being a part of the client’s legal support system during this trying time can be quite joyful, as I always get to see them grow in their own character, strength and perseverance.

Post Seperation Support & Alimony

Spousal Support is the hardest area in family law to advise clients about potential outcomes, as there are no presumed percentages or online calculators. In addition, the uncertainty of depending on another makes negotiating or litigating spousal support a mix of trying to put money in a client’s pockets to pay their bills, but also helping get a client to a place of self-sufficency, as to not be dependent on a person that they may no longer trust. I’d have to say the defense of such claims is based on the same principles, as it’s about holding someone accountable for their self-sufficiency and truly “the best defense is a great offense” applies.

Child Custody

I feel that handling custody cases is probably the most important and the most rewarding area of law. This is not to say that the other areas are not important, but there is no stronger feeling than the responsibility that a parent has towards promoting the health, safety, and happiness of their child (or least it should be!), and it is very fulfilling being a parent’s advocate in their endeavor for their child.

Child Support

It is easy enough to find a child support calculator online, but you could also find instructions on how to remove your kidney online, but nobody would recommend it. The interplay between the child support worksheets, presumptions when using each worksheet, and how one derives the incomes used can be tricky business for someone not expereinced with how all work together. With expereince, the results should be that both parents are held accountable for their fair share of the financial obligations to care for the child!

You have been warned, but here is the link to get an idea of how the guidelines work: Child Support Guidelines

Name Changes and Step-Parent Adoptions

Name changes and step-parent adoptions are bright spots in a family law practice, as these legal areas usually have to do with bringing together a new stronger family. As the other areas in family law are heard before a judge, these cases are called “special proceedings” and handled by our local Clerk of Courts. The Clerk has very defined requirements for each, but our office enjoys helping families with these “special” areas.

Equitable Distributions

In North Carolina, the marital estate is everything acquired between the date of marriage and the date of divorce with a few exceptions. Typically, the distribution to each spouse will be 50%, hence “equitable distribution”. With all that being said, the key to maximizing a client’s share is either the client being good at collecting all financial documents related to the marital estate or using the various court processes to discover all the assets and debts. Least I say, these cases can be document intensive, but usually with the collection of all the relevant information and a cost-benefit analysis approach most clients can really feel good about the results.


Admitted to North Carolina Bar

Admitted to the Western District Federal Court

Member Cabarrus County Bar/Judicial District 19A-Former Vice President

Member North Carolina Bar Association-Committee Member for Law related Education Endeavors

BarCares Board Member and Judicial District 19 BarCares Liaison

Former Adjunct Professor-University of North Carolina at Charlotte Paralegal Program

Member of the Concord-Cabarrus Chapter of the Business and Professional Women’s Club



Juris Doctor

Cumberland School of Law, Samford University


Bachelor of Business Administration

University of Kentucky


I grew up in Somerset, Kentucky. I graduated from the University of Kentucky in Lexington; and attended law school in Birmingham, Alabama. So, often I am asked how I ended up in North Carolina and I can easily say now after more than ten+ years of living in North Carolina, it was due to a “guy”. So, that’s basically why I started my law practice in North Carolina. However, I chose to practice in Concord, NC because of the small town feel, where I get to be a part of a group of attorneys that are required to hold themselves accountable to the local community because if you don’t, then “word” will quickly spread that you have not advocated your best and hardest for your client. I love that kind of motivation!
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